About Me

Welcome to my blog.  I am Lulu (Lourdes) Herold and I am a wife, mother and grandmother.  I recently retired from teaching chemistry (yes everybody's favorite subject) at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  I love to cook and tell stories.

I cook what I crave including those dishes from my childhood growing up in the Philippines or something that I just ate.  I also like a challenge and will adapt or concoct a recipe to fit a friend's needs be it be vegan, vegetarian, sugar, dairy or gluten free. 
I also like to develop or adapt recipes that are high in nutritional values that are helpful for diabetics and cancer survivors like myself.  

I am also a minimalist in the sense that I have a penchant for excluding steps and ingredients if one can do away with them without losing the basic good taste of the dish. For me easy and simple are best or else one will be reluctant to even cook a home cooked meal.

My recipes can also be decadent and at times complicated if I want to share a dish that is worth the risk or effort as long as, I hope, they are eaten or prepared once in a while and in moderation.

Though I believe, as a chemist, that the world is made of atoms, I also adhere to the fact it is made of stories.  So I will be also sharing vignettes about my life and my reflections about them in this blog.

I hope you will continue reading my blog as I share with you things that I love and cherish in my journey through this life that is full of wonder and surprises along the way.



  1. Ondes,
    I saw the pictures of the SJA reunion. How I wish I was there! I scrutinized each face identified and some I could recognize and others have changed so much I couldn't match them with my memory of their young faces. I probably have changed a lot too. Your picture on your blog is recognizably you. I posted an earlier comment hoping you would make contact. I'm trying again today.
    Amanda (Jenny) Agustin Minoza

    1. Jenny I am so happy to hear from you. I am glad I opened this page. I will email you. Ondes

  2. Lourdes,
    I miss you in Weyandt! Enough said.