Monday, July 7, 2014

Healthy Green Ice Cream

It is good and delicious being green  



I heard from my daughter, Wendy, and her husband, Matt, that their child, Maddie, loves eating fruit but not green vegetables.  So I decided to take the challenge of incorporating vegetables into a healthy but appetizing ice cream which even grown ups like me will eat. I do not want to end up with baby food in other words.  I also wanted to make a grown up food that she can eat unlike the last time I made healthy ice cream with honey in it.  Babies cannot eat honey since being unprocessed it has spores that can cause botulism in babies.

Here is the recipe of the Healthy Green Ice Cream I made for Maddie.  First thing my daughter asked me when she learned of the name of the ice cream was what made it green.  I texted her that it was actually good old spinach.  Knowing that, she did not believe Maddie would eat it but I was not discouraged since I know I can make a believer out of her. The other vegetable I incorporated was peeled and seeded cucumbers.  I also added orange juice, fresh pear and bananas.  For improving the texture and taste,  I added coconut milk and peanut butter.  I added maple syrup as a sweetener since the mixture despite the presence of the fruit was not sweet enough for me especially after being frozen. 

I based the recipe on two online recipes,  3-Ingredient Healthy Ice Cream and Peanut Butter Coconut Ice Cream.  The challenge for me is how to make the preparation low maintenance in terms of making its texture like ice cream.  The second online source, Peanut Butter Coconut Ice Cream, suggested re-blending the frozen mixture if using an ordinary blender, but I still came up with a hard brick of an ice cream when I did this.  I did not want to buy a powerful blender or an ice cream maker as yet so I had to find way around doing this. 

The one that best worked for me was to just microwave the whole container of ice cream once it was frozen for around 20 seconds or so at high then scoop what was needed.  In fact at one party recently, the ice cream stayed in a soft enough stage for everybody to scoop their share.  By the way, I thought at first only one person in this party would be brave enough to eat the ice cream but I was shocked to see practically everyone having a scoop.  I know it is for curiousity sake but it was encouraging. 

In fact at this party, everybody who was wary about this ice cream because of the name (Matt announced it to everyone as Spinach Ice Cream) and the ingredient was pleasantly surprized by its yummy taste.  While Carl, Matt's dad, was feeding this to Maddie, I heard him say to his wife, Carol,  "It is not as bad as its name make it sounds".  Carl did not have a hard time at all feeding this ice cream with spinach in disguise to Maddie cuz she loved it. 

I am so happy we now found a way for Maddie to eat her green veggies finally.  Maddie's family especially her picky eater of a dad Matt loved the coconut flavor and my once sceptical Wendy became a believer that green and healthy can be good and tasty and you will too.

Healthy Green Ice Cream

(based on 3-Ingredient Healthy Ice Cream and Peanut Butter Coconut Ice Cream)

1 1/2 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup orange juice
1/4 cup maple syrup
2 tbsp peanut butter
4-6 oz fresh spinach (or frozen spinach)
1 whole cucumber peeled, seeded and sliced (or zucchini)
1 pear (or 1/2 cup applesauce)
2 bananas

You can mix all the ingredients  together if you have a powderful blender.  If not add the orange juice, coconut milk, maple syrup and peanut butter first and blend using an ordinary blender.  Then add the fresh spinach (or frozen ones) till it turns mushy, and then add the cucumber, pears and bananas till the whole mixture is thoroughly blended.

Place the mixture in a microwave proof container and freeze it.  The mixture will turn hard like brick.  Just microwave it for 20

seconds or so and scoop out what you need.  You can also place the mixture in ice cube trays and freeze it and take out what you need or place the cubes in an ice cream maker.  It can also be placed in popsicle molds if you have one.  I unfortunately got rid of mine or misplaced them. 

Makes around 1 pint.


At one year old, Maddie can eat maple syrup, peanut butter and coconut milk but still no honey for her.

There is another way to make the mixture like ice cream in texture.  It is commonly used in science classes to demonstrate the use of salt to lower temperature.  You place the ice cream mixture in a ziploc bag and you place a mixture of ice and rock salt (or just table salt) into another ziploc bag.  You then place the ziploc bag with the ice cream mixture into the bag with the ice and rock salt.  Mash the bags until the ice cream mixture turns to the desired consistency.  You can make this fun by passing the whole set up from one person to another in your family or party and make a game out of it to see which of the two or so groups will come up with the ice cream of the best consistency the quickest.  Another method is placing both bags of ice cream mixture and that of salt and ice in a large coffee can and you roll it back and forth using your foot and another person's like that of your boyfriend or husband who will think you are crazy.  Never mind what they think they will love the ice cream. 

Another way, which however is inappropriate for babies like Maddie, is to place booze in the ice cream mixture before freezing it.  It lowers the freezing point of the liquids so it will not harden as much when frozen.  This will be reminiscent of jello shots you had in college parties.



  1. What fun. You cook and write recipes like I do: Here's one way to do it, and if you want, try this or that or something else and use what you have. That's how I do chile-related recipes. Love it!

    1. Thanks Sharon for reading my blog and your comment. See you this Wednesday at the meeting.