Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mediterranean Breakfast Egg with Pesto and Tahini Paste

This stacked breakfast fare featuring hardboiled egg, tomato, avocado, spinach basil pesto and tahini paste is fashioned after the Jewish breakfast sandwich called Sabich.  Their version also has fried eggplant and hummus.  I saw it on TV being prepared by the Wolf and Bear Truck Eatery chef in the show Eat St.  I decided to put my own spin on it by following what my taste buds were craving and decided to spread pesto instead of hummus and use a round slice of the luscious tomatoes I had just bought from a farm stand instead of the fried eggplant. 

One can eat this stacked breakfast beauty without any bread or tortilla or the traditional pita for a low carb breakfast and it will still be satisfying.  On a tortilla, one can roll it up and have a portable breakfast.  The same convenience is true if they are placed on a pita bread.  Whatever way you decide to eat the combination of delicious ingredients in this Mediterranean breakfast fare, rest assured you will be starting your day healthy and with much joy. It is delicious.

Mediterranean Breakfast Egg with Pesto and Tahini Paste

(one serving)

  • one tomato
  • two slices of avocado
  • three slices of hard boiled egg
  • one tbsp pesto (I used the Healthier Spinach Basil Pesto from this blog)
  • 2 tsps tahini paste
  • bread or tortilla or pita bread (optional)
Place the tomato on a plate and layer the rest of the ingredients on top according to your preference or the ones shown in the pictures above and below.  One can also stack the ingredients on a piece of toast or tortilla or pita bread if you do not mind the carbs and calories.

The nutrition facts given below do not include the bread, tortilla or pita bread. 


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