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Salmon with Amazing Three Ingredient Sauce

Salmon with the easy Amazing Three Ingredient Sauce

I was in Maryland this past weekend visiting my friends, Seville and Bob. I
always looked forward to staying at their beautiful, comfortable place and basked in their hospitality and warm friendship.

Seville and Bob at their kitchen where I love to cook when I visit.

Seville and I go way back when I worked for her at the Philippine Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC).  I consider her my first mentor.  She was actually the one responsible for my pursuing further studies here in the United States which I recounted in a past blog post.  We became roommates for about a year when I started at the George Washington University.  I have visited her ever since the 1990's when my children were still young and have visited her almost every year these past six years either alone, with my family or friends.  Seville and Bob are gifted with very generous hearts.

Left to right: Myself, my husband, Bob, aka the picky taster, with Bob and Seville who hosted us during our visit summer 2009.

We have actually held the reunions of the Chemistry Department of PAEC twice at her place.  She generously provided accommodation for all of us who attended at her house prompting one of us to call her place the Wadleigh Hotel.   (see pictures below of the 2012 reunion).

Left to right, sitting:  France, Susan, Nini, Hani and Julie. Left to right, standing, Bob and Seville.

Some of the PAASE members joined us at one of the parties during the reunion.

The wines I brought from a vineyard in Indiana County, PA are in the background.

Bob and Seville posing beside the gift I brought now beautifully incorporated into their patio.

The group during the crab fest.  Seville and Bob love to serve crabs to their guests.  We loved it of course.  My mouth is watering recalling these crabs.

During my last visit with Seville and Bob this past weekend, Seville and I attended the summer picnic for the members of an organization I belong to, PAASE, that was held at Art and Leah's place  located also in Maryland.  I had a wonderful time at this picnic (see pictures below).  The view gave all those attending a serene and relaxing afternoon. 

Left to right:  Me, Seville, Marge and Leah at the pier.

The view of the bay.

The baby of one of the young postdocs sleeping in hammock.

The view we enjoyed all afternoon.

Rich and Liza.

Some of the attendees.  Note Dr. Revilleza sleeping.  It was hard not to be this relaxed in such serene atmosphere.

When I visit Seville and Bob, I love to cook in their spacious kitchen. During this particular visit, I decided to prepare salmon and after going through their pantry I came up with three ingredients, mustard, fruit spread and maple syrup, which I had a strong inkling would go together to create an amazing sauce.  I played around with the proportions of the three ingredients and  came up with this incredible tasting sauce.  I tested it with Seville's husband, Bob, first and Natalie, Bob's sister, who happened to be there for lunch at Seville's place.  They both liked it.  Seville had it later that night and she loved its "gourmet" taste.

The three ingredients for the amazing sauce: mustard, fruit spread and maple syrup.

Seville even ate the sauce with barbecue pork for breakfast.  It is just good with anything especially with salmon.  This is an easy recipe and very accommodating.  Just use any fruit spread and any type of mustard.  I have tried it before with other types of either ingredients and the combination always was amazing.  You can skip the maple syrup if that suits your diet or taste.  I liked its addition which was reminiscent of the caramel coated salmon I had in Alaska during my visit there recently. 

Salmon with Amazing Three Ingredient Sauce 

  • Salmon 
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Olive oil
Season the salmon with salt and pepper.  Pan fry the salmon in olive oil in a skillet at medium heat. Do not overcook.  There is always carry over heat once you take out the salmon from the pan to the serving plate. Serve with the Amazing Three Ingredient Sauce.

Amazing Three Ingredient Sauce

  • 1 part stone ground mustard or any other type of mustard
  • 1 part black cherry spread or any fruit spread
  • 1 to 2 parts maple syrup

Place all the ingredients in a small bowl and mix with a fork. Place a small small amount of this amazing sauce over the cooked salmon or any meat or vegetables.  So good.

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