Thursday, November 13, 2014

Part VI. The Small C. A life well lived in the present takes care of itself - and the future

Even though I had cancer more than two years ago, the thought of my mortality never really occurred to me as much as what happened this past October. I knew that there was a possibility of my dying from my cancer, but I was very focused on fighting the disease and surviving from it. The thought of death was there but somehow the kind of fear of it that I had recently never occurred with the same intensity.

This past October, the unexpected death of my beautiful and very kind next door neighbor, Kathy, at a relatively young age of 57 years old in her sleep shook me. I cried because it was all very sad and shocking and because I would miss her smiling and waving at me from her front porch as I drove down our driveway from work. To my surprize, I also felt for the first time in many years this fear of death and how prepared I was for it.

Again, God gifted me with words of wisdom that gave me peace and insight to deal with this fear. I have been using an online daily prayer site called Sacred Space as recommended by Sr. Paula.   The October 21st commentary in its Living Space section featured the quote shown in the image above. Somehow these words of wisdom gave me the serenity and strength to move on and as the beautiful lines suggest to live my life to the fullest and not to worry. Living well in the moment day to day will take care not only of the present but that certain and yet uncertain future. 
Acknowledgements: Quote was taken from Sacred Space

This blog is part VI of a series of blogs, The Small C, on my experience with cancer and insights I gained from it. Here are the links to the other parts of the series.

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