Saturday, October 29, 2016

Super Scrambled Eggs

Before you prepare your breakfast, look over the secret behind this scrambled eggs recipe below.  I have prepared scrambled eggs before but not with this ingredient.  I used the same slow method of cooking but not with this ingredient that makes a large difference.  It is by the way decadent so proceed with caution.

The secret was shared by Judy, one of the generous souls, who man what I call the "kitchen ministry" at St Bernadette Church in Monroeville PA once a month.  They prepare real breakfasts, beyond doughnuts which used to be the norm.  All of the dishes are cooked with love with different menus every time.  Here are photos from this October breakfast.


Judy, Ray. Anne and Kathy. Not pictured is Dee who went to the store to buy more groceries.

Father Tony with the happy parishioners.

Here are pictures of the two dishes that were served during the the super breakfast in October. They fed both our hungry mouths and souls as we shared fellowship with fellow parishioners.

Here are the recipes straight from Judy's files for the Scrambled Eggs and as a bonus for the Hash Brown Casserole.  Both super duper good.

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