Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Paula's Prayer Group Meeting September 6, 2016

This is the handout prepared by Sr. Paula.

Paula's prayer group meeting at Dorothy's house started back today after a two month break.  We were all glad to see Sr. Paula back.

The meeting started with the song  "You are on Holy Ground" (excerpt below) and a reading from Colossians 3: 12-14.

We then had a 20 minute quiet time to the reflective music by Gregory Norbet.  Sr. Paula then asked the question "How are you and God getting along these days?".  Dorothy shared that she had had some arguments with God with regards to the death of her friend who died of ALS.  It was a big blow to Dorothy. Natalie consoled her with the thought that we really could not tell how our prayers of intercession for our friends affect them and what are going on in their minds.  Natalie also mentioned the pendulum of consolation and desolation is part of ones prayer life.

Rose, who incidentally came with her beautiful granddaughter Kristina, talked about her 95 year old brother who is not feeling well and whose wife and she know would be ready to leave them and go to heaven.  Rose said something that is sad and humorous at the same time, that there is not much to do at this point for him he might as well go to heaven.

When Lulu mentioned that she has been struggling with what is real or true in her faith including what happens after death, Sr. Paula suggested that it might be time to embrace the God of Love rather than the Blueprint God. This shift will generate peace and not fear.  We do things not for an end but because of our love of God and God's love for us.  Kristina spoke about how her friend does good because he wanted to do so and not because he has to.  She also mentioned her realization of the outpouring of good and Jesus' love from within her to the outside rather than vice versa.  Paula said that it is because Jesus love is already within us.  "He had already done great things for me" as the handout shown above says.

Natalie mentioned we have discussed in another prayer meeting at Sue's place this past Wednesday about free will, a gift given to each and everyone.  Though challenging, it is something to be accepted and respected.  It is part of ones growth in attaining unconditional love especially for persons that we could not understand.

We appreciate our time together in our group as always.  We thank Kristina for joining us and sharing her insights. Once again it is nice to hold hands together as we journey in our lives.  Thanks Sr. Paula for your guidance and also Dorothy for your hospitality.

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