Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Paula's Prayer Group Meeting November 8, 2016

One member of the group is particularly grateful for oneness or unity which is part of the charism of the Sisters of St Joseph.  Another member mentioned Richard Rohr's Cosmic Christ (as well as Teilhard de Chardin's) which is finding Jesus in all of creation. This is a practice that St. Francis of Assisi understood so well and showed in his love for animals and nature in general.  Sr. Paula gave a beautiful quotation which states, "There are only two books to have.  The Bible and Nature".

Here is a paragraph from the Daily Meditations of Richard Rohr for November 8, 2016 that touches on nature:

Indeed, for Hildegard nature was a mirror for the soul and a mirror for God. This mirroring affects a complete change in consciousness in how most of us see and experience reality. Later, Bonaventure (1217-1274) wrote: “In the soul’s journey to God we must present to ourselves the whole material world as the first mirror through which we may pass over to the Supreme [Artisan].” [4] The Dominican Meister Eckhart (1260-1327) said the same: “If humankind could have known God without the world, God would never have created the world.” [5] 

We all hope that this short reflection find you happy and at peace surrounded by the beauty of nature around you especially the gorgeous and dazzling changing leaves of autumn, a generous gift from God.  God is good. God loves us.  God takes care of us. What more do we want.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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