Sunday, March 5, 2017

Salmon Caesar

This recipe came from my friend Jean. I attended a church luncheon where she brought this dish which everybody at the luncheon loved. I requested for its recipe and would you believe the newspaper clipping of it was in her handbag. Here is the copy of the recipe below.

I did make a tuna version in a past blog post since I did not have salmon at hand. I also substituted several items for some ingredients in that adapted recipe but not in this one. I followed it to a T except for using more green pepper than called for. I also would have used more croutons than asked for next time I make it to give it more body. You can use any canned salmon also. I am pretty sure leftover cooked salmon can be used also.

It is irresistible. It will be a go to recipe especially during meatless Fridays for your family meals or potluck affairs.

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