Saturday, April 16, 2016

Serenity and Acceptance in the Face of Change

In the face of having to make some changes in ones life, one does need confidence.  One of the hardest things to do is to admit the so called nuisances that show up in ourselves.  However, non acceptance of these nuisances could erode our so called confidence in ourselves perpetuating our lack of motivation to change what can be changed in these nuisances.  Whew!

Nuisances should not be hidden but accepted according to C. Joybell C..  Accepting them does not mean that they could not be changed.  I did realize this and I found myself resisting changing them however at first. This stubbornness must have arisen from the self- hate that self scrutiny can do.  This in turn results as a bad start in the challenging task of any change.  

Once I read this quote in the poster above, I felt some kind of serenity.  As I embark on tackling the changes, I will discover what I could change and some I could not.  The latter is still OK with me.  I can accept them as part of what I am made of together with the millions of "molecules and atoms" in me.  This realization actually made me more confident rather than defeated.  I also know I am not alone.  I know I have Him to help me along.

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