Friday, April 15, 2016

Love is the Answer

We are facing many challenges today which encompasses not only our little self but the whole world.  We want change and we have a tendency to rely on science and technology. In today's Meditation from Richard Rohr he gave this part which further elucidates the poster shown above and could be the answer.
As Sr. Ilia Delio says so well, "Christian life is a commitment to love, to give birth to God in one's own life and to become midwives of divinity in this evolving cosmos. We are to be wholemakers of love in a world of change. Teilhard [de Chardin] saw that creativity and invention would forge the modern path of evolution, but he also saw that science alone cannot fulfill the cosmic longing for completion. God rises up at the heart of cosmic evolution through the power of love, which science and technology can facilitate but not surpass. The future of the earth, therefore, lies not in science and technology, but in the spiritual power of world religions and the power of love. We are born out of love, we exist in love and we are destined for eternal love. . . . [I]t is time to reinvent ourselves in love." [1]
As one famous song says, love is the answer.

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