Sunday, April 10, 2016

What Do They See?

Evangelisation can evoke many images.  It can make one see wonderful and brave people in foreign soil preaching the Word of God to those who have not heard of Him. Some might recoil from memories of a well meaning friend reminding you of what you are doing wrong that you must change or you will go to hell. This is their idea of evangelisation and which I hope it is not what there is to it.

The quote in the poster above for me made me see the meaning of evangelisation. It is simple and humbling. It is non threatening and non judgemental.  It is done based on unconditional love.  It is simply helping others see Jesus working in their daily lives during their highs and lows. During epic life changing times like the birth of their child, a bout with cancer or just sitting in their kitchen table waiting for the Keurig machine finish making their coffee. It might be during stressful times they just said things they wished they did not and wanted to take it back.

In our parish, we say a mantra at the end of the Sunday mass which goes "Christ has no hands nor feet on earth but mine" which reminds us how we can help others see Christ. The challenge actually starts rather immediately and with difficulty as we get out of the crowded parking lot.  Ouch!

Evangelisation is here, now and everywhere we are. It is a challenge to live in order for others to see Jesus in us but we can do it. We are never alone. He is with us.

Happy weekend.

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