Thursday, June 9, 2016

Paula's Group Meeting June 7, 2016

The Paula's Prayer Group Meeting was held this month without Paula.  She had to be with her sister, Sandy, who was undergoing surgery.  Our prayers and thoughts are with you, Paula and Sandy.  Natalie and the rest of the group contributed their different reflections, materials and even live music to the meeting.  Paula's spirit despite being absent pervaded the meeting when her handout from way back was resurrected by Lulu.  Here is the copy of the beautifully crafted collection of prayers, suggested scripture passages, and the Beatitudes of Reconciliation.  

We used the previous handout to cap the wonderful meeting as a prayer at the end and to read during quiet time.  We started the meeting with a reading of Anna, the Prophetess 

from the book, Soul Sisters, Women in Scripture Speak to Women Today, by Edwina Gately shown below.  (Click on the image of the book to get more information about the author and the book itself). Natalie pointed to the fact that we are all soul sisters who can find inspiration from this poem and those of other "women in the scriptures as they speak to us today".  

We then had quiet time with the soothing background music from the dulcimer played by our hostess, Dot Buchanan.  Hope you have time to listen as you reflect on the handout.

After the quiet time we had discussion of anything and everything.  Lulu mentioned about being mortal and being sad about the shortness of life ahead to fully enjoy being a grandmother to her beloved grand kids who are less than three years old.  As a soul sister would, Dot helped and came up with a book she shared with us with insights about aging and its celebration. (Click on the image below for more information on content).

Rose also made a comment that as one ages one gets used to the reality of ones mortality.  The discussion also went to some issues of the day including the political scene.  Sue at one point of the discussion mentioned that little acts have big impact when activism came up.

We prayed for all especially the ones who just celebrated their birthdays and those who will in the future which includes all of you.  Let us celebrate life, soul sisters.  Have a good day.

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