Saturday, May 21, 2016

Splendid Celebration of Pentecost

Splendid Celebration of Pentecost

This photograph below was taken a few days before Pentecost.  I just want to share with everyone how the St. Bernadette Church Monroeville, PA was magnificently decorated by the generous and talented Wanda Gerber of our parish.  When I saw this that day I told somebody "I am ready to die.  I already saw how heaven is like".

When Pentecost Sunday came, I was scheduled to do the Children liturgy in the basement of the church during the Mass and would be missing the first half of the Mass.  A person behind me, Joseph, who I later found out was a seminarian from Richmond VA, graciously did my request to tape the two times my husband Bob was singing his solos.  Thanks Joseph. (picture below with his mom and grandmother Vera from our parish).

Here are the two songs he adeptly recorded on my Iphone.  The first was the Pentecost Holy Spirit song Bob sang with the combined Traditional and Contemporary choirs led by Josh Bandish and Frank Bursic respectively.  The second was the Pentecost sequence which was a duet consists of my husband Bob and Marilyn who sang it with the rest of the wonderful choir.

I missed both songs since I was in the basement with 20 wonderful kids for the Sunday Children liturgy but I was able to be at the rest of the Mass after the Offertory.  At the end of the Mass after I distributed communion, I heard one of my favorite songs, How Great is My God being sung which I did not expect.  I quickly took my Iphone to videotape the rest of the music when I returned to my pew.  (I just purchased this phone and still learning how to use it so excuse the difference between my videotaping and Joseph's).

Thank you to the choir members, Wanda Gerber and assistants and Father Tony Gargotta and Deacon Kelly for making the celebration of the birthday of the Christian Church and the coming of the Holy Spirit then and now this past Sunday a splendid one.

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