Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sr. Paula's Prayer Group Meeting May 2016

I have posted a blog on the three Monroeville Prayer Groups in the past. Sr. Paula's prayer group is one of them and it has been meeting for over 30 years at different places.  Lately we have been meeting at Dorothy Buchanan's place.  Dorothy has generously offered her place when the room at the St. Bede's rectory where we used to meet became unavailable.  This post describes our meeting on May 10, 2016.

The meeting started with a reading from the bible, a song and a short introduction by Sr. Paula.  It was then followed by 15 minute reflection time and then discussion.  Before the meeting started, Paula provided us with a handout shown below.  (I have blown up the pages in this handout for your convenience further below).

After the Bible reading, we listened to the song the words of which were in the handout below for your reflection.  Before the song, I Am, by Kathy Sherman, CSJ, was played, Sr. Paula reminded us not to forget that God is within us too.

Below is a video with an excerpt of the song "I Am" by Kathy Sherman as played during our May meeting.

Sr. Paula further expanded on the theme of the day with a quote shown below.  In this meeting it was from Matthew 5:14 as paraphrased by Eugene Peterson.  Sr. Paula's handout also featured an image that helped us during the 15 minute quiet reflection time.  

After the reflection time we shared any thoughts we had during the discussion period.   It was the Tuesday after Mother's Day and I just wanted to share a beautiful story that Sr. Paula shared with us.  Her late mother was full of fun.  Paula fondly remembers one day when her mother sprinkled baby powder on their hardwood floor so Paula and her siblings could skate.  Last weekend, she decided to put on Polka music in her car radio since that was what her Mom put on while she prepared their dinner. Sr. Paula shared that she went home pretty depressed.  I am sharing this story which I find endearing.

We do share a lot of stories that may not be related to the theme but they come from the heart.  Sue shared her joy watching Steve Harvey's show about talented children.  Natalie reflected on the image in the handout as a metaphor of our growth in our spiritual life which is very much like the seedling in the photo.  When Lulu mentioned about St Therese of Lisieux thought that most sinners start with not liking themselves, Sr. Paula gave the story of what Father Don Helder Camera told Janet Mock.  It is difficult to deliberately sin.  What is part of development is not sinful as we grow in grace and wisdom.  The key is not to do it again deliberately.  

We always go home strengthened as we go back to our lives after meeting with our dear companions in the journey. We thank Dorothy for her hospitality, for Rose Capone for leading the group and Sr. Paula for being with us all these years.  I just want to share with you her wisdom and spirituality in this blog and hopefully every month hereon.    


  1. So good to hear about prayer reflections for our lives. It is needed, necessary and helpful to us far away. Memories of my mother are near at times,She was a faithfilled person of God. She cared so much for people in her life. So, thanks LuLu for sharing The prayers and comments. Peace! Patty H.

    1. Thanks patty. Regards. I remember your stories about your mother making pasta noodles.